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Hoping this rule is changed so those of us can have a neatly trimmed beard and not be told we can’t work that day.”“I am a recent hire at Publix and had a short beard (3-4 days growth) that was nicely groomed and I can no longer have the beard I have had for many years,” wrote Chris G. “I feel that this is an antiquated policy that needs to be updated.

Facial hair does not determine whether a person is professional or not, the way they interact with customers and coworkers does.”Publix does allow mustaches, but beards are strictly off limits.

Fortune quoted feedback from associates in its write-up about Nugget Markets, now in its 90th year, including one who called it “the Disneyland of grocery stores,” and another, which said managers feel like "just another friend at work." “It’s an honor to be named on Fortune’s Best Places to Work For list for 20 years,” said John Mackey, CEO and co-founder of Austin, Texas-based Whole Foods.

I thought it was in my head, until he got transferred because of this reason, and eventually had a lawsuit against him, and got fired since other female employers spoke out and called corporate.

Companies marked with an asterisk are 100% employee-owned.

When more than one company has the same number of employees, they share the same rank, and the next rank is numbered as if the previous companies were numbered consecutively (e.g., 16, 17, 17, 17, 20).

Related: Publix - Review about Staff from Raleigh, North Carolina Generally publix has been good to me, because I work hard and I've enver had any problems.

Recently Publix has started to treat it's employers so badly it scares me. There is a really hard working woman on my store, she has worked on my store for 4 years, and always had stellar reviews, her English skills are not perfect but she is taking classes and has no problem understanding it or responding.

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