Nscalendar autoupdatingcurrentcalendar

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If someone uses it on the 29th of february on a leap year, february 18 years earlier will always be 28 days long.

I don't know what will happen with your code though, but I'd suggest to set up a test scenario for this situation.. I tested it by setting my system date to 29/02/2012. I think that's acceptable from a legal standpoint, as 'leaplings' can either have their birthdays on February 28th or March 1st.

You do this using After that, for people under 18, you can e.g.

display an alert and redirect them to a different app.

On the other hand dequeueing and reloading will produce lags on some devices as...

swift,uitextfield,uicollectionviewcell Implement in your View Controller the UIText Field Delegate protocol, specifically the text Field:did End Editing method.

David Chisnall goes through the most important aspects of the Open Step Foundation framework., which covers the core functionality of the Cocoa development environment and even provides a number of features that would typically be thought of as part of the language, such as reference counting and message forwarding.

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The object is getting released and deallocated because nothing is holding a strong reference...

Most of Foundation is endian-independent, which was a huge benefit when Apple moved from the big-endian Power PC to the little-endian x86 architecture.

Although the Foundation framework is very large, it is quite easy to learn.

The Open Step Foundation is the closest thing that Objective-C has to a standard library, the equivalent of the C standard library or C 's STL.

Of course since Objective-C is a pure superset of C, the C standard library can also be used.

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