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If it was for last season I don't remember seeing it.If it is for the upcoming season I suspect it wont run considering Pitkanen is gone. I guess, maybe more so if the Flyers still played in the Spectrum.Please Note: Before downloading you can preview any song by mouse over the PLAY button and click Play or Click to DOWNLOAD button to download hd quality mp3 files.First search results is from You Tube which will be first converted, afterwards the file can be downloaded but search results from other sources can be downloaded right away as an MP3 file without any conversion or forwarding.So who is according to you the most intimidating arena for your team or any to play in? I have to say easily the Bell Center (Montreal), when thingsd go well for the Habs, the crowd is noisy that not even the players can hear themselves and it certainly helps the opponents create more mistakes.

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One has to remember though that one, this happened a long time ago before many Flyer's fans were born. The reputation of the Pistons fans was established well before this instance, as they closely identified with their tougher, blue-collar roots as the yen to the yang of the Los Angeles Lakers “showtime” teams of the late 80’s. Among lesser crowds, this could prove to be an asset and a liability, but the Seahawk faithful know that with great power comes great responsibility, so they keep theirs mouths shut when the Hawks are moving the ball.Now that the Sonics are out of town and more focus has shifted to football, don’t expect things to let up any time in the near future.Until they find a way to create a bionic Shaun Alexander clone, they may not be contenders too soon, but they certainly wreak havoc on the visiting teams. The fact that the vast majority of attendees at college basketball games are students means that they don’t have jobs or families or other petty bullshit to worry about, so they spend their needs gleaning knowledge about an opposing player’s low GPA or SAT scores.The argument for the inclusion of Duke on this list could begin and end with the Cameron Crazies pelting twinkies at the Rubenesque big man for Michigan, Robert “Tractor” Traylor, and I wish it would. They then disseminate that information among the entire crowd so that the guy from UNC who got caught cheating on his Spanish 213 paper last week is going to hear about it from every fan at the end of the court every time he steps up to the stripe.

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