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If you’re having mixed feelings about your partner, moving in together, having children or separating, you don’t have to navigate this alone.

The next step in moving past your relationship uncertainty, which may be causing you to feel anxious, disappointed, sad or confused, is to help you sort through your internal conflicts that are keeping you from taking action, expressing how you feel, identifying your needs and non-negotiables and making a decision. Career decisions, shifts in relationships, motherhood, moving to a new city, leaving school or being in a different phase of your life then your friends. How you approach and perceive your life change will impact how you get through it and how you will feel moving forward.

Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) is the term used to describe excessive computer use which begins to interfere with daily life.

As it stands, IAD is not officially recognised as a clinical disorder, though an increasing body of research and evidence is establishing internet addiction as a public health concern, with many leading health experts now advising it be officially recognised as a clinical disorder.

Clarify what patterns you don’t want to repeat, what you are looking for and how to find it!

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Top of Page Addiction counselors can help people with substance abuse issues get clean and stay clean through both medical and psychological methods.“Ilene Kastel creates a welcoming and safe place to help clients feel comfortable in their individual process.In difficult times a professional counselor can give the necessary advice and perspective to provide relief from job stress, relationship difficulties, and even substance addiction and serious mental health problems.We will take the time to learn what you are struggling with in your relationship, help you work through it and decide if this is the right one for you! We will help you let go parts of the past that keep you from being happy in the present and provide you with tools to help you to feel more in control.This may include increasing coping and self-awareness, and helping you examine and identify your values and strengths in order to make realistic goals and movement towards the life you want.

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