Dating a female bartender

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The first step is to get personal with your bartender or waitress. This is more related to bartenders, but can also apply to waitresses.

But I assure you, these women are attainable, if you know what you are doing (and most of them actually hate their managers because those guys are often creep old perverts that try to sleep with all their employees). I’m guessing that he also wasn’t “too regular.” If she thinks she’ll be seeing you all the time at work, she may be hesitant to date you, for fear of awkwardness at her job.

If we have the time, you know we are gonna hook that sweet ass up, but don’t push it.

The “morning” is a fictitious time, like something from an old story book. Watch and enjoy, knowing you’re getting the nookie and they’re getting the bill. If something is on special, or the bar is 3 deep at the well, don’t ask for something high maintenance. Even if we’re not looking at you, we hear and will have advice for you. When we text you we are closing, it means we are kicking out the wasted frat boys. There are all sorts of disgusting things that have to be cleaned before we even think about leaving.

or good conversation." For the men, it's sloppiness — like messily devouring wings only minutes after meeting: "It's disgusting when you couldn't care less how you're coming off." And what of that rude practice of paying more attention to a screen than the date? Breedlove says some dates will call ahead so there's champagne waiting.

"I'm always amazed to see how often people check their phones, even though their attention should be on their dates," Marshall says. And Greco reports the rare suitor will still pull out a chair for his date.

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