Dating 2 guys

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I want to talk about multiplicity in your dating life. They think someone who dates several people at once must be a cheater, a commitment-phobe or at a minimum, a liar.

While this may be true of some women who are dating multiple people, I actually believe that there are many good (and, in fact, great) reasons to date several different people when you're single.

2, just say you hung out with a friend and change the subject. When that happens, sit down and think about who makes you feel the most secure in their feelings for you, and who seems to be on the same page as you.

If one guy clearly comes out on top, well, there's your answer.

Until a guy says he wants to be exclusive (and you feel the same way), you have the right to play the field. Until you have The Talk, there's no reason to tell him you're seeing someone else.

In order to make a good decision, you need to be able to do your own thing.

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Also: Set a filter on your Facebook page so that you have to approve photo tags.They go out with whoever happens to cross their path and then don't look any further.This person is fine, so there's no need to cast around for others, right? While you may need to do a little more leg work, and while it may require going on a lot more dates, it is absolutely worth it to get uncomfortable and to leave your dating comfort zone. Meeting and attracting amazing men and women happens to those who have an "abundance mindset." When you develop an abundance mindset, you see that the people who come into your life are ones to whom you are very attracted. seems like a nice guy, but I’m more interested in exploring the common ground I’ve found with B. His return message: “I’m sorry, I’m super busy right now.

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